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Best Saronite Farming Guide – Mining Saronite

Updated for patch 4.3. Saronite Ore is one of the most common ores you’ll farm in Wrath of the Lich King, mainly because people mine it while trying to find Titanium. However, Blizzard has been and is currently implementing more uses for Saronite. Saronite can be converted into Titanium now, etc, so it’s still a  Read more »

Best Adamantite Farming Guide – Mining Adamantite

Updated for patch 4.3. There are two types of Adamantite Deposits you’ll find, Adamantite Deposit and Rich Adamantite Deposit. You will need to have your mining skill at 325 to mine regular Adamantite Deposit and 350 to mine Rich Adamantite Deposit. If you are trying to use mining as a way to make gold take  Read more »

Best Fel Iron Farming Guide – Mining Fel Iron

Updated for patch 4.3. Fel Iron Ore requires mining skill level of 275 to mine.  It’s the first ore you’ll run across when you journey through The Burning Crusade expansion. If you are looking to make gold with your mining skill take a look at this Gold Guide. The two zones I choose, which are  Read more »