Best Pyrite Farming Guide – Mining Pyrite

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Updated for patch 4.3.

Pyrite Ore is the highest level ore you can mine for in World of Warcraft, as of the release of the Cataclysm expansion. Pyrite is a rare node spawn of Elementium Ore, therefore you’ll find it in places that you would normally find Elementium. You must have a mining skill level of 525 in order to mine Pyrite, so you’ll have to be completely leveled up before you can start farming this ore. Pyrite is a good way for miners to make gold, but I recommend that if you are serious about your gold making you take a look at this Gold Guide for the best techniques.

Pyrite Ore in Deepholm

Deepholm is the first zone in this guide. You need to be level 82 to enter this zone, so if this doesn’t work you can try out Twilight Highlands. For easy mining, I simply recommend that you level up until you can reach this zone and farm here at 82 instead of trying out Twilight Highlands at a low level.

Pyrite Ore in Twilight Highlands

You’ll find Pyrite in Twilight Highlands and you don’t need to be level 82 to enter the zone; however, the zone is levels 84-85 so if you aren’t that high of a level you’ll most likely have a difficult time mining if you get jumped by mobs. Keep this in mind before you set off to this zone.

If you’re looking for information on Leveling your Mining see my WoW Mining Guide.

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