Patch 3.3.3 Mining Changes

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There is one change set to occur to Mining in patch 3.3.3.  There will no longer be a cooldown for Titansteel Bars.  This may be good news to the players who are in need of these bars because getting them will now be even easier than ever but for the players using their cooldowns to make loads of gold this news might not be so great.

Since the news of this change is already pretty common knowledge to those who care about incoming changes and who read the upcoming patch notes, I would imagine that the impending change has already had an effect on the current prices in the auction house.  I’ll admit I haven’t been using my Titansteel Bar cooldowns in a while so I don’t have that great of a base to judge if there actually has been a drop in price since the patch news was announced.  But afterward, when the patch is live, there will definitely be one.

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